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Social Media Ads

We live in a world today which cannot be imagined without social networks such as, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. If you are not promoting your product/services through social media, so you are losing the millions of potential customers.

These are in fact marketing platforms with billions of people on them. Businesses are flourishing because of Social media ads worldwide.

Imagine you are into selling properties and the kind of clients you are looking for live in different places of the city, with Social Media Ads you can target your potential clients by their location.

Or let say you are selling police uniforms, you can on social media target all the people who have listed their job profile as Police, in this way you not only reach directly and exclusively to your customer, you also save money.

Now a day print media is going out of date and there is no guarantee that insertion into the newspaper or a magazine will be read out by your potential client. So, it is best and advisable that you divide your marketing budget and keep a good portion for Social Media Ads.

Benefits of Social Media Ads
  1. You can reach to your target audience. 
  2. Campaigns can be done at a significant low cost compared to print media ads or insertion.
  3. The result is fast and reliable in terms of leads or sales or getting more visitors to your site or getting more videos views and many other objectives can be achieved through social media. 
  4. Connect with your Potential clients from anywhere around the planet.
  5. Easy to manage ads, with one click you can start, change or stop the campaign.
  6. If you are getting good results, you can easily extend the campaign in seconds.
  7. With social media advertising, you can have consistent sales coming in from the first day your Business is online.
  8. At Kalpi we have 8+ Years of experience of Social media ads, our clients are happy, and their Businesses are going up with significantly low cost on ads.
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