Google Ads Vs Social Media Ads

google ads Vs social media ads
There is a lot of talk and confusion about whether you should run Google ads Vs social media ads for your Business?

Well the answer to this question is very simple and depends upon your Business Model and the product or service your Business has to offer:
For example, If I am into products related to fashion or services which are related to beauty, then my target audience are young women, also my product/service is less need based and more about the interest of the audience, in that case, I would prefer Instagram over anything.

At Kalpi we have a simple yet most powerful fundamental data: Market follows the crowd and then crowd follows the market. So, as an Entrepreneur need to determine where is my audience?

Another example: If Mr. Joe is looking for a plumber, then he will not wait for the plumber ad to appear on his social media account, his instinctive behavior is to search for it on google, since google is a very important part of our lives when it comes to getting answers and solutions.
I hope the above information gives you better understanding, however, having said the above, my personal recommendation is that you split your Budget between both (Google Ads Vs Social Media Ads) and if you have a website, use Facebook pixel (A tool which analyses your website traffic and then in Facebook ads, you can target the similar audience for your future ad campaigns).

With google you will get more ready prospects, but not everyone is ready immediately, so if you use Facebook pixel, you can show your ad to people who in the future are likely to need your services or products, which is definitely a smart move.

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