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Marketing Coaching


If yes, then Kalpi’s advance and deeply researched marketing strategies are here to help you. We provide complete Marketing coaching to Entrepreneurs and their teams. We are living an era where digital marketing is needed for any Business to grow. And the current digital marketing courses available in the market are not enough since they fill you only with the technical details, but they never tell you what works and what does not.

Our Marketing coaching or mentoring helps individuals or teams expand their marketing knowledge, skills, techniques and problem-solving skills in a focused, safe environment.

We deliver digital marketing training on an hourly basis or monthly basis. Our digital marketing training includes:

# What is Digital Marketing?

# How to sell your products/services online?

# How to leverage different social media i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc?

# How to design a website in a day

# How to write content

# How to bring your site up in the google search results

# How to design and run various paid ads on different social media

# How to manage data and see the results

# What marketing strategies can kill your Business and probably you are doing it currently, so you are not expanding.

And much more

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