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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Marketing is the only Marketing through which you can reach to your target audience with your messages without internet plus having a basic phone...

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the art to communicate your message to your audiences through attractive visuals. Good design creates a positive effect on your costumer...

Website Designing

If you Don`t have a Website or if it is not known by your clients, you are losing business big time. we provide complete solution to your Website Design problems...

Social Media Ads

We live in a World which cannot be imagined without a social network such as Facebook, YouTube, instagram etc. If you are not promoting your product/services through social media. So you are loosing million of potential customers.

Social Media Optimization

SMO is the technique to promote your products and services, to build a brand through various social channels. Social media plays an important role in today’s time when we talk about Business growth, if your customers cannot find you on Social Media, it will result in losing Business...

Search Engine Optimization

How do people find out about your website? Through popular search engines like google but what if they do not see your website in google search results? We provide complete SEO solution, so your potential customer can find your website in their search results

About Us

Kalpi solution is founded with the idea back every business means to grow with time and we at Kalpi help your business to grow through different means. Our whole focuses to get you more client and more business, about different marketing strategies are design to help you grow. We provide all available marketing solutions to your business needs. Our founder Mr Raghav is a dedicated marketeer. Hi in the span of last 8 yearswork towards the workable solution for all your marketing needs. He believes in the ideology that we what we have committed, so we at Kalpi always deliver what we have committed to our clients. We do not have a single unhappy client. If you have any questions you are always welcome to speak with our founder directly and get his expert advice for your business.

Business Services

We at Kalpi mean only Business. Our Each Service is dedicated to improve your Business.

Sales Training

Imagine your Business as a body then Sales is the heart of that body without which it cannot survive. Our in-depth Sales Training has been more successful across all business categories...

Marketing Coaching

Kalpi’s advance and deeply researched marketing strategies are here to help you. We provide complete Marketing coaching to Entrepreneurs and their teams...

Business Consultancy

We can help you to find out the areas which are slowing your growth down and how you can effectively create and implement policies that result in Business Growth and Success...

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